CNA Exam Online

Basic Information About the CNA Exam

While the certified nursing assistant career is classified as an “entry level” position, it is far from entry level. If you’re interested in becoming a CNA then you will be required to undergo a specified amount of training, as outlined by your State Board of Licensing. Aspiring CNAs must endure one final hurdle in their quest to becoming a bonafide CNA – passing the CNA exam. While each state regulates the contents of the exam, the basic components are universal. If you’re curious about this career path, then it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with this career-changing exam. One of the ways to ensure your training is current, is to take CNA classes online through a cutting edge institution. The benefits to online classes is that you are always up-to-date with the latest medical information, and you can chose from a national pool of schools to attend.

CNA Exam Preparation

Planning for your examination isn’t exactly a “part” of the exam, but rather a required step to ensure you pass. Due to the complexity and layout of this exam, practicing is essential. While there are literally hundreds of study guides and practice tests available online to aspiring CNAs, the best plan of action is directly communicating with your State Licensing Board to obtain a list of recommended study guides. This is essential because not every state features the same examination. Therefore, you must strive to study specific elements within your newly formed knowledge base to enhance your odds of success.

CNA Exam – Theoretical Exam

The theoretical portion of the examination is also referred to as the written test. The primary purpose of this exam module is to test your working knowledge of basic and advanced ideas and theories covered during training. Each topic is one that’s been carefully chosen as it’s commonly seen during the daily duties as a CNA. Basic elements that are covered include knowledge regarding specific procedures as well as how to effectively deal with patients with specific scenarios. Even though the information within the exam can vary, all state’s feature a multiple choice exam layout for this portion.

CNA Exam – Practical Exam

The practical portion of the examination is where aspiring CNAs is able to physically demonstrate what they’ve learned during their training program. This is the most important part of your examination as it showcases your physical ability to perform necessary tasks. While the Candidate Handbook for CNAs (distributed by your State Licensing Board or found online) offers specific examples of tasks you’ll be asked to perform, exact procedures can vary. Generally, the practical examination covers various scenarios and is carried out by the exam evaluator who instantly notifies if you’ve passed or failed specific scenarios. Typically, you’ll have a chance to stop your current actions if you notice you’re doing it incorrectly. By doing so, you must inform the evaluator that you made a mistake, explain what you did wrong and begin again. Most times, this does not count as a penalty.